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PO Box 550 Kilmore 3764

President: Bea Lay Ph. 5783 2944

                                                         Vice President: Paul Brinsden Ph. 5783 1940

                                                         Secretary: Wendy Matthews

JULY 2019


Greetings once again from U3A Kilmore & District Inc.

Last month I reported about our 20th Anniversary event; this month I report about our recent morning tea.

It was a ‘Trivia’ morning tea. President Paul Brinsden put together a series of trivial questions and about 20 of us tried to answer them. We were seated at tables, usually 4 to a table. It was a wonderful fun morning. Some table members caused hilarity by whispering the answers so loudly, Paul (at the front) could hear their answer. I must say some members really appreciated these stage whispers. Paul’s wife, Marg also worked hard; she did lots of walking, collecting answers and distributing sheets. The winning table received a box of chocolates to share and then we all enjoyed the magnificent fare brought along by members to share. Everyone had a good time and we all look forward to next year’s trivia morning tea.

The book group held a different style of meeting in June. Joan, the convenor of the book group, made use of the television installed in our office at the U3A Centre; she organised to show a DVD of the film made about a book recently read by the group. And to sustain members in this venture, nibblies and drinks were brought along to share. The title of both book and film is “Before I Go to Sleep” and it is a good read. The film follows the book fairly accurately and the two lead players, Nicole Kidman & Colin Firth, play their roles convinc-ingly. Joan hopes to access more films of our readings. If you enjoy reading, the Book group might be just right for you. You will access a huge variety of genres and share thoughts about them with a happy friendly group of people. Contact Joan 5781 0695.

If you need a boost to get you going these winter months, the Exercise group can fit the bill. They meet each Wednesday morning and rotate around three types of exercises so you won’t become bored. The three are gentle exercise, power walk (all in the hall) and chair exercises. They also do a short stint of resistance training. The convenor is Cheryl and you can contact her at 5783 1283.

For more information about U3A see the website: or


Until next month, cheers, Wendy