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 What is Neighbourhood Watch?

Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) is a not-for–profit community-based organisation where volunteers come together to support Victoria Police to make their local communities safer by promoting crime prevention initiatives and closer community ties.

NHW groups have a variety of ways they can raise the required level of funds, including donations,advertising and fundraising events such as sausage sizzles. Much of our work involves encouraging, advising and awareness of crime prevention.

What Would I do if I Joined NHW?

There are roles for you in NHW that can cater for your individual skills, energy, interests and availability.

Some of the things you could do include:

  • Directly supporting the Police in reducing crime.
  • Delivering newsletters to houses or businesses.
  • By helping at community events and distributing brochures to the public on home security and crime prevention in your neighbourhood.

Editing a newsletter or managing the social media page. 



The following describes the manner in which applications for membership of NHW Victoria are to be handled:

There are two classes of members:

  • Accredited Members
  • Community Members

It is important for the reputation of NHW and its programs that Accredited members complete a National Police Check (NPC) for the role they are to perform within the organisation.


Come down to meet us and we can answer most of your questions. The group meets on the last Thursday of each month at LB Davern Reserve, Dry Creek Cres., Wandong (excl. June & Dec.).


CLICK HERE to view our Events Calendar. Alternatively visit our website to find our security fact

sheets, event brochures, and lots more information at South Mitchell Neighbourhood Watch

For further information


APRIL 2020


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

As we face the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic, we have suspended all of our activities. We have retained our online newsletters as the safety of our community is still important and we are exposed to many lifestyle changes including working from home or home schooling our children.

Working or schooling from home?

We can’t give you advice on how everything will work in the next few weeks or months as you deal with home schooling your children whilst juggling your own responsibilities. However, we have provided some tips to help make everything work better and ensure your children are safer when online.

  • Set up your own work area free from other distractions and consider what your camera is facing to ensure privacy & security of your home is protected;
  • Set up a weekly schedule for each family member’s time and allocate some time for meals, exercise and relaxing;
  • Manage your parental settings to ensure your children aren’t exposed to inappropriate material, and profiles are set to private & locations are not broadcasted;
  • Help them set up alerts to let them know if they have been ‘tagged’ in photos by others;
  • Encourage children to think before they post anything and be respectful of others;
  • Remind children to be careful when making new friends online - people may not be who they say they are!
  • Stay involved in your child’s use of technology where possible!

If you suspect you may have coronavirus (COVID-19) call the dedicated hotline: 1800 675 398

For crimes and other issues, these are the ways you can contact our Police:

Emergency: 000, Police Assistance Line: 131 444, Crime Stoppers: 1800 333 000,


Online Reporting: